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news and important in life of newspaper

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news and important in life of newspaper

Post by nima999 on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:12 pm

Today the importance of newspaper has increased three fold. Even with the advent pf computers and modern technology,the importance of newapapehas not in the least diminished or wanted. In fact there are some peoplewho would for go their breakfast rather then miss reading the newspaper.The forturth estate has really become strong.
The educative value of newspaper is also not less great.The newspaper are not only fullof news but also reviviews of books,music,films,travels,research and descriotion of literature.The sunday edition carries section on astrology,children's page ete.
The newspaper sometimes become party orgain and carry the views of one particular political party and try to run down other parties.But frankly speaking party mouthpieces can no longer be judged with an impartiable eyes as they support only on party.News shouls be reported in an unbiased manner without having any political leanings.
Then the press has its power to make anything or anybody prominent.The press needs to guard againist undue publicity to the undersearving or the glorification of a worthless fellow.
Lastly the press must function in a free and fair manner. The government of the day should not gag the press and put pleasure on them.The press must fight stoutly against all infringements of civil liberty. I must not come to any compromise,however profitable that might be with those opposed to the liberty of the peope.


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