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profession and the life of human

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profession and the life of human Empty profession and the life of human

Post by nima999 on Sat Jul 21, 2012 12:24 pm

choosing a particular career for one's life requires a certain amount of cool thinking and planning .One has to weight the pros and cons very carefully.There are importantfacture, which has to be taken into consideration in this matter.
Everyone has to take to some vocation to choose from-medicine,law,engineering,trade,commerce and industry.There are a number of crafts as well.All these requires a certain degree of technical,expert and professtional knowledge.One can't plunge into any of these at random. Such a rask and hasty step will lead to disappoinment and ruin.
interest in the subject one chooses, as a profession is importnment. A man without interest is bound to fail in any profession. The result is likely to be disappointing if any man with a literary bent of mind is forced to join the medical profession.Mintal Capicity and grasp over the subject are two importnment things that should be taken into consideration while selecting a profession. Another important facture is the financial position of the person concerned. Trainning for certain professions take a longer period of time and more money.It is indeed a dauting task to make the righe choice o9f career in a country whrer poverty, Unfavouritable counditions and nepotism play and importnment role.Hundreds of talented and brilliant youths rot in clerical jobs under the force of necessity and situation.
A correct choice of profectional is importnment if one does not want to drag him to work everyday for the rest of his life.


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