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Introduction to Bank Of Kathmandu;-

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Introduction to Bank Of Kathmandu;-

Post by a30sd99 on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:27 pm

Generally, a financial institution established by a specific law, which deals with money and credit by accepting deposits, disbursing loans and providing various financial services is called bank. Defining bank prof. kinley has quoted," Bank is an establishment which makes to individuals such advances of money as may be required safety made to which individuals entrust money when not required for use". Banks are facilitating innumerable services to the people in any field and able to become essential part of the modern society. The development of the nation in the absence of banking activities seems almost impossible. Banks are the basis to develop national economy and to eliminate poverty, rising employment opportunities, constructions of physical infrastructure of nation, individual development and thereby developing the society and the country as the whole to relieve people from financial exploitation, to rescue nation from economic crisis bank becomes essential. Besides this bank runs other important functions which simplify the human life in maximum level.

While investigating the history of bank, the banking transaction can be found until the development of money but the 1st money dealing institution of established in 1148 A.D Geneva in the name of bank of Cosa De San Giorgio and then the process of bank establishment started bank of Venice was establish in 1157A.D. Bank of Barcelona was established in 1401, bank of Geneo was established in 1407, Bank of Amsterdam was established in 1607 Bank of Hamburg established in 1694 and the bank of England was established in 1694 and that is the first central bank. In the context of Nepal NBL established in Kartik 30, 1994 B.S. is the first bank. NRB the central bank was established in Baishak, 14, 2013 B.S. After then many banks emerged. Now we have many types of bank operating in our own nation.

Bank of Kathmandu, one of the predominant commercial bank of Nepal, which was established in Nepal on January 18, 1993 under the commercial Bank act 2031& companies act 2021 to develop industry, trade, commerce & the total economy in aggregate. It is a bank with a joint venture with Habib bank ltd, Pakistan. This is the bank which introduce credit card for the first time in Nepal. To produce the service to maximum people of Nepal it has established branches at many important locations. Its banking slogan is 'banking with the difference'. This bank seems different than others are it provide fast services & it apply innovative operations.

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Re: Introduction to Bank Of Kathmandu;-

Post by swikritipradhan on Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:21 pm

Yes i already have an account in Bank Of Kathmandu. And it has become one year that i have been keeping the financial transaction with this bank. I am very happy to keep transaction with this bank. This bank is really amazing. And its motto also suits for its features i.e. Banking with the difference.


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