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How to format the computer

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How to format the computer Empty How to format the computer

Post by maskey on Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:40 am

Formatting an HP computer is largely the same as formatting any other Windows computer, save that the version of Windows included with the device is generally slightly different. This doesn't change the installation process, however.

step 1 Back up all pictures, music, documents, email and Internet favorites to an external device or to blank CDs or DVDs. This is an optional step, but an important one. This information cannot be retrieved after you reload your computer.
Step 2 Insert your Windows disc, and restart your computer.
Step 3 When you are prompted to press any key to boot from CD, press any key.
Step 4 Wait for Windows to take inventory of your hard drive. When you are presented with a list of your partitions, press "D" to delete them all and "L" to confirm your choice.
Step 5 Choose "Unpartitioned Space" when it is the only option available. Press "Enter."
Step 6 Format the drive using the NTFS file option. Press "Enter" and wait for Windows to begin to install. Touch nothing until your computer restarts.
Step 7 Enter your product key when offered the chance. Click "Next."
Step 8 Select your timezone from the drop-down menu. Click "Next."
Step 9 Name the accounts for those that will be using the computer. Click "Next."
Step 10 Choose the default setting if you are offered the option for Network setup or Modem setup. Click "Next."
Step 11 Activate Windows using the onscreen instructions when you reach the Desktop. Installation is complete when you are done.


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How to format the computer Empty Re: How to format the computer

Post by shrmanoj on Thu Sep 06, 2012 3:37 pm

Wrong thread here.
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