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Post by jp2012 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 3:47 am

Frequency of shampooing: at least once every 3 days (twice a week).
How to use shampoo: apply a generous amount of the shampoo to a damp scalp and hair. Massage moving the scalp for 2/3 minutes.
How to use conditioner: apply conditioner on the edge of the hair, not on the scalp.
Avoid using the shower-head directly on the top of the head. It is best to lean over so the water comes in contact with the base of the neck and flows forward. This will help with the circulation.
In case of hair loss, dandruff or oily hair, dry the hair with a lukewarm hair dryer setting but do not leave the hair damp. Dry the hair accurately and thoroughly.
In case of hair loss, massage the scalp with a soft hairbrush moving away from the base of the neck to-wards the top of the head, leaning over so to improve circulation to the head.

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