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Battle of the Movies 2013

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Battle of the Movies 2013 Empty Battle of the Movies 2013

Post by jp2012 on Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:42 am

The movies competing are those rated as the top 64 of all time on the IMDB database as of 3 January 2013:

The top 64 have been randomly drawn in to match offs.

Each match off is the first to 5 votes. The winner will proceed in to the next round, where a random draw will again take place.

If voting has not produced a winner within 48 hours of the matchup being posted, then the movie with the highest score at that point will go through. If the scores are tied, the movie which is highest on the IMDB database will go through.

You can vote on any criteria you like, and you do not need to have seen the movie. If that criteria is favourite actor, director, genre, plot, cinematography, which poster you prefer, whatever, it is entirely up to you. More interesting for everyone if you give a brief outline of your rationale, but just a vote will be fine.

Please make sure that it is clear in your post which movie you are voting for.

Let Battle Commence!

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