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Employment and migration

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Employment and migration Empty Employment and migration

Post by jp2012 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 11:42 am

“Most of the young people in Nepal think that there is no hope in this country which is not correct. They are leaving the country looking for better opportunities abroad and it is with their remittance that the state is running,” says Pariyar, adding, “Wherever in the world, if the youth population is high and strong, the pace of development will be high and it’s a proven fact.” The paper calls on the government to urgently address the growing rate of unemployment among the young through employment creation, implement programs to support and strengthen equal employment opportunities and equitable remuneration for women in the formal and informal sectors. The paper also talks about effective implementation of programs and policies on migration by protecting the rights of migrant workers and investing and supporting social, economic and cultural reintegration of migrants in their communities.


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