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ideas of decorating your home with flowerpots

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ideas of decorating your home with flowerpots

Post by judyaxiu88 on Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:58 am

A scrambling cucumber is the star of this container creation. With its big leaves, bright flowers, and yummy fruits it's a natural showstopper -- especially when paired with an upright plant such as rosemary.

Make a stunning statement even if you're growing all-green indoor plants ( by combining textures. Here, rosemary's fine, needle-like leaves are a perfect balance to the big, bold eggplant. A potted citrus, lemon verbena, and thyme further enhance the effect.

Let great scents waft in your home each time you open a window by growing herbs in your window boxes. This lovely example incorporates variegated sage, variegated thyme, Italian parsley, and sweet alyssum.


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