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Select Tomatoes Varieties for Your Situation

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Select Tomatoes Varieties for Your Situation Empty Select Tomatoes Varieties for Your Situation

Post by judyaxiu88 on Fri Aug 30, 2013 11:24 am

There are literally hundreds of tomato varieties on the market. Different types are best adapted to different areas. For example, the University of Florida has released varieties such as 'Solar Set' that thrive in hot, humid conditions. Other areas, such as 'Northern Delight', have been bred to produce fruit quickly and are best for short-season areas. Check with local experts, such as your county extension agent, for recommendations.

Another key to preventing disease problems is to select disease-resistant varieties. These will often have a letter, or series of letters (such as VFFN), on the plant tag or in the seed-catalog description. These letters stand for different disease strains. for more, just go to


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