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How to water the winter plants

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How to water the winter plants Empty How to water the winter plants

Post by judyaxiu88 on Sat Aug 31, 2013 10:48 am

Watering can be tricky. Plants can easily be killed by over watering. This writer's favorite cactus met its demise by over watering last winter. Too much water and it fell into a soggy heap.

For most plants, water when the soil surface begins to dry. Use the "feel" test to determine if the soil is dry and hard. If the soil looks light colored, it's usually time to water.

You'll need more water in heated rooms during the winter. The water you use should be at room temperature. Plants must be kept evenly moist, particularly if they are in a light, humus-type soil. Too much water subjects them to root rot.

For those plants that seem to need more water, pots should be placed in a saucer that contains gravel; the gravel can be covered with water. Change the water every few days because stagnant water is a good breeding place for insects.

Many plants with coarse roots, such as dracena and philodendron, generally are kept on the dry side.

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